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How to Change Planer Blades on a Thickness Planer

Has your planer blades become blunt due to constant use?

Do you want to change them so that they can work efficiently again?

Well, you don’t need any woodworker or technician to do that, you can do it yourself.

Changing planer blades on your thickness planer is amazingly easy, just keep the tools ready and keep this guide open and you will be able to accomplish this task in just half an hour.

So, are you ready to change the planer blades on your Thickness Planer?

Tools and Materials that you will need:

  • New Blades
  • Planer
  • Clean Cloth
  • Water

Steps that you would need to follow:

Step 1 – Removing the Planer Blades from your equipment

The first step requires you to remove the blades from your planer. However, before you start with this, make sure that your thickness planer is shut down and the cord is not plugged into the electrical outlet.

change planer blades

Once you have unplugged the planer and remove it away from the electrical outlet, you can begin by removing the planer blades of your equipment.

You will need to loosen the screws that are keeping the blade in place. Once you have done that, just simply pull out the blade and be careful to not hurt yourself.

Step 2 – Cleaning your Planer quickly

Once you have removed the blade, you need to clean your planer before you install a new blade inside it. So, take a clean cloth and some water and wet your cloth with the water.

Then use this damp cloth to wipe down the planer so that there is no dust or debris lying around. If you keep your planer clean and regularly perform this task, then your planer will last for a longer period of time.

If you feel that your planer needs a little more cleaning before you proceed with installation of the new planer blades, then do that. Also, make sure that you dry the planer before you proceed with anything else. You may also like to checkout Homeguyd’s buyer’s guide to thickness planers.

Step 3 – Replacing your Planer Blade with a new one

Now, once your planer is all clean and there is no sawdust or dirt lying around, then you can finally install a new planer blade in your tool. Just simply slide it in and adjust the height of the blade. Make sure that it is a little high but not so high that it breaks off the tool.

You will need to make a few adjustments so that the blade fits perfectly inside the planer and you will have to use your own judgment for that. You can also nip them in when you are trying to fit it and tighten it only once you have found the right fit.

Once the blade is in place, you need to put the screws back in and secure them tightly so that they don’t fall off, taking the blade with them.

Did you like our guide?  Then go and try it for your own planer and let us know how you find the experience!…

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