If you are like most people, you go to a place that you really enjoy for your vacation one year.  Then when the next year comes along and you start thinking about planning your trip you think “oh, last year’s place was great, let’s just go there again”  Then years pass by and you haven’t tried any new places because it is so easy to go to a familiar place.  You get comfortable.


But what about those lifetime experiences that you have always dreamed about?  Maybe a photo safari in Africa.  Or traveling to the country where your ancestors are from.  What about ziplining through the rain forest?

Taking your kids or grandkids to Disneyworld or on a Disney Cruise.  Or maybe you have been wanting to do a big family reunion to see everyone you haven’t seen in years.  Exploring the Oreint.  Ever been whalewatching?  Whitewater rafting?  Stayed in an over the water bungalow in Bora Bora?  Pampered in a luxurious SPA?  How about a ‘girls getaway’?  Take cooking classes in Italy.  The list is endless.

Have you made your Bucket List?  Why not start your list now?  And then start planning your next trip and start checking places or things to do off your list.  Experience Life.  Don’t just dream about it! Do it!

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